Assessment of Prosody Disturbances in Stutterers by means of phonetic Indices

Audrey Leclercq, University of Mons
Kathy Huet, University of Mons
Myriam Piccaluga, University of Mons
Bernard Harmegnies, University of Mons

This paper is focused on the contribution of phonetic tools used in prosody analyzes for the study of stuttering. Three contrasted subjects (1 Non Stuttering Person, NPS and 2 Person Who Stutter, PWS with contrasted stuttering profiles) have been recorded while performing a map task under varying auditory feedback conditions (NAF, DAF 80, DAF 120 and DAF 160). The fluency index used (ISI) reveals differences between subjects and conditions, and therefore appears as a possible tool for use in further research aiming at a better understanding of stuttering and/or at the development of reliable assessment methods is discussed.