Alignment of F0 model parameters with final and non-final accents in Argentinean Spanish

Jorge Gurlekian, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Diego Evin, Humberto Torres, Hartmut R. Pfitzinger, University of Buenos Aires

The goal of this study is to explore the association between tonal accents and fundamental frequency parameters obtained from the Fujisaki model. Results indicate that early peaks for three-syllable words, stressed on the third syllable are related to final word accents. Late peaks for words stressed in the first and second syllables are related to non-final word accents. Then, alignments are calculated relative to the onset of both the accented syllable and for its nucleus. Similarly to the German study, anchoring is supported in favor of tonal transitions than of the F0 peaks, considering that alignments of onset and offset times of accent commands appear earlier for final accents than for non-final accents.