The speech prosody of people with stuttering and developmental apraxia: the efficacy of an intervention program

Bernadette von Atzingen, S. Cardoso, C├ęsar Reis, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

This study has the aim of developing knowledge, methodology and technique in the prosody area, for its application on the speech therapy, with the assistance of a feedback system (WinpitchPro, Philippe Martin). A database was constituted on the basis of a patterned corpus (EUROM1) by its translation, recording and editing on .wav format. Throughout model-sentences, an experimental intervention program initiates with the participation of 2 adults with stuttering problem and 2 with apraxia of speech. The efficacy of the therapeutic procedure is tested on the basis of the acoustical and the statistical analyses which have compared the first and the second speech samples taken before and after the twenty (20) therapy sessions held in a prosody approach only.